CoD: Back Ops Declassified UPDATE PATCH 1.02!

Patch 1.02

It appears that nStigate (previously known as Nihilistic) haven’t completely given up on their most recent game. Software version 1.02 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is here!

This fairly large update (371mb) addresses multiplayer issues specifically. So if you were hoping for some new redesigns or AI improvements, unfortunately, you’re out of luck, sorry bud… However this update now fixes many (and I repeat, many) issues that players have been experiencing throughout their online escapades. The full list of what the patch improves on is as follows;

  • fixes random crashes that happen in the middle of multiplayer matches
  • fixes for chat function that isn’t properly restricted under restricted Playstation Network account on multiplayer mode
  • fixes for occasion, when kicked out of a lobby, the user will return to the main menu with no functionality or menu selections
  • fixes for when “Create A Class” screen isn’t displayed and background screen remains when client user selects “Create A Class” on party match making
  • fixes for scores that will sometimes be inconsistent when a player quits out or gets disconnected from a match, then joins another match
  • fixes for occasion when aerial kill streaks appear in the ground when called in
  • fixes for when friendly nameplates do not appear instantly
  • fixes for Near class name being all uppercase

Furthermore it has been said that this is nStigate’s final effort in improving Black Ops Declassified. Activision will now be handling any upcoming patches and/or DLC.